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Resources for Diversity & Inclusion Abroad

Resources for Diversity and Inclusion Abroad
The Center for Global Engagement at CSI is committed to nondiscrimination, diversity, and inclusion to support you and all students (and faculty and staff) through our services, activities, and programs.  In that spirit of inclusive excellence, we share here information and resources that can be useful for you and all students (and faculty and staff) when learning about global culture and travel and when participating in study abroad programs.  Please read about: There are many reasons to study abroad: expand your horizons, gain a global perspective on your major and studies, build a global resume that will help you throughout your academic and professional career, learn first-hand about a culture, people, and their language, have life changing and life affirming experiences that you will treasure your entire life, and more...
With these resources and some preparation, we hope we can help you build a rewarding study abroad experience into your college degree.  We encourage you to reach out to us and start exploring where and when you might study abroad.
Please feel free to contact us to set a study abroad advising appointment at the Center for Global Engagement.  We can advise you in-person at CSI or advise you via Zoom virtually. 
Please see our contacts here: Advising Hours.

NOTE:  These Diversity and Inclusion sections, draw on study abroad resources at CSI and CUNY, and also NAFSA: The Association of International Educators, the School for International Training, Michigan State University, UC Santa Cruz, George Washington University, University of Washington, among other schools, and third party providers of study abroad programs.