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Steps to Study Abroad

1).  You may understand the value of study abroad, but if not, here are some key benefits you will gain by studying abroad:
  • You'll Get to Travel the Globe
  • You'll Expand Your Worldview
  • You’ll earn credit on your CSI transcript and in most cases your grades will figure into your cumulative GPA
  • You'll Impress Future Employers – build a global transcript and resume and experiences
  • You Might Learn a Foreign Language
  • You'll Learn How to Communicate with All Types of People
  • You Can Give Real-Life Context to Your Classroom Learning
  • You'll Make Lifelong Friends
  • You'll Gain Confidence and a Sense of Self-Reliance
  • You'll Become a Global Citizen

2).  If you know where you want to study overseas, and what you want to study, search programs and apply here: 

You can start to see your options at these links.  If you have decided and are ready, just click APPLY NOW!

3).   If you are not sure of where you want to study abroad, or don’t know your options, do these things: 

What Kind of Experience Do You Want to Have?
Create the experience you hope to have by thinking about the following: What would you like to study?  Where - what countries or regions?  Would you like to learn or practice a foreign language, or take courses taught in English?  Do you want to go abroad for a few weeks, a semester, or an academic year?  Would you like to interact more with local people or with other American students?  Are you interested in a program that offers a lot of support or would you like to be independent while abroad?  Remember that you can go abroad more than once prior to graduation and build on your previous experiences.

Attend a Study Abroad Fair
The Center for Global Engagement hosts a Study Abroad Fair every September and February. Fairs enable you to speak with sponsors of CSI, CUNY, and outside Study Abroad Programs providers, and to speak with past participants.  Fairs may be virtual or in-person.  See the Student Events calendar for exact dates and locations of the next Fair.    CSI Connect:

Attend a Study Abroad CLUE Information Session
General information sessions are held most every Tuesday at 2:30 pm during the fall and spring terms.  They can be virtual or in-person.  See the Info Session Schedule here:

Note the Timeline for Study Abroad
Keep in mind study abroad application deadlines:
                    APPLICATION DEADLINE                  PROGRAM CYCLE/TERM
                    October 1 – (some October 15)         January Winter Intersession & Spring programs
                    March 1 – (some March 15)               Summer, Fall, & Academic Year programs

And this countdown to study abroad:
  • 12 - 6 months prior to the start of a program: Attend a study abroad information session.  Set an appointment with a study abroad advisor.
  • 12 - 5 months prior:  Research program options and talk with an academic adviser. Apply for or renew your passport.
  • 12 - 5 months prior:  Apply for scholarships and financial aid.
  • 6 - 4 months prior:  Choose a program and apply.
  • 5 - 3 months prior:  Complete and submit the post-acceptance material. Apply for a visa, if applicable.
  • 2 months prior:  Pay program tuition and fees. Check in with the Financial Aid Office.
  • 1 month prior:  Pack, prepare, and enjoy! 

Schedule a Study-Abroad advising appointment
To schedule a virtual Study Abroad Advising appointment, please do so via Navigate Student (desktop) or the Navigate Student app.  You can also set an in-person study abroad advising appointment.

Feel free to contact a CSI Study Abroad Advisor with any questions.  Please contact
Russell Davis ( ) or John Dunleavy ( ).

Contact Past Study Abroad Participants
Contact the Center for Global Engagement to get in touch with students who are willing to talk with you about their experiences on particular programs.  Please also see alumni stories on our Dolphins across the Seven Seas - Study Abroad Blog -

Discuss Your Plan with an Academic Advisor
Once you have narrowed down your choices to a program or two, meet with your academic advisor or your major advisor to identify the courses you wish to take abroad that will fit your personal and academic goals. To give you the most freedom of choosing a program, you can plan to take only free elective credit abroad, though by limiting your search you can earn credit in your major or minor, to fulfill General Education requirements, pluralism and diversity, TALA, foreign language requirements, etc.  Along with your advisor, map out your course work to stay on track to graduate.

Research Program Options and Funding Opportunities
Talk with your friends and professors who have study abroad knowledge.   You can start to see your options at these links.  If you have decided and are ready, just click APPLY NOW!
o          Search & apply to CSI programs -
o          Search CUNY programs -
o          Search CCIS programs -

If you have not found a program that suits you from the sites above, you can check out programs on the Internet. While not always necessary, it is best/easiest to find programs that have US college sponsors, that will make getting credit at CSI easier.  Some excellent websites are:
•          IIE Passport
•          Browse the Internet. Search "study abroad" and the topic and/or region you're interested in exploring.

Get a Passport!
Apply now if you do not have a passport – in Summer 2022, the US St Dept says it now may take almost 3 months (8 -11 WEEKS) to get a US passport. Expedited passports take 5 - 7 weeks.  Please apply ASAP as needed!  If you already have a passport, check to see that it is valid for at least 6 months after you return from abroad, and that it has blank pages for visas.  Otherwise, you must obtain a new passport or renew your passport. Learn more and apply for a passport at the U.S. Department of State website here.

Apply for Scholarships and Plan Your Financial Aid
Once you know the program(s) of interest, compare all program costs including tuition and fees or any program cost you might pay, housing, meals, international and local transportation, visas, personal expenses, etc., and create a budget for the total cost of your program.  Program costs can vary by location and duration, but financial aid and scholarships can offset a substantial part of these costs.  Research scholarships and financial aid information.  Click SCHOLARSHIPS on the CSI study abroad homepage here – .  Keep in mind all scholarship application deadlines – they often earlier than study abroad program application deadlines.
If your plan to use financial aid, tell your student abroad advisor.  Your study abroad advisor will provide you an Overseas Expense Verification that breaks down all costs for the program you will attend, and you then share that with the financial aid advisor when you meet with them.  Visit a CSI financial aid advisor to know how your current aid applies and how to obtain additional aid. Identify scholarships and apply early. Make sure to complete your FAFSA by the Priority Deadline - January 31st Every Year - for assistance.

Choose a Program and Apply!
All students apply using the CSI study abroad online applications here:
Just go to the CSI Program brochure for your chosen program and click APPLY NOW to get started! 

And for CSI students only:
  CSI students will also need to complete a program application with the sponsor if you are attending another CUNY college program, a CCIS program that is not sponsored by CSI, or any other Unaffiliated program.

Enjoy your rewarding study abroad experience!
( These steps are based on our process here at CSI, with ideas also from Brooklyn, Baruch, John Jay and Lehman Colleges. )